Interior planting


Besides selling pots and plants through our webshop, Royal Things also offers a global concept. We Create an extraordinary setting by combining pots and plants. A green design in harmony with the interior and with the necessary contrasts.


Also ‘green walls’ are anno 2018 a hot topic. These green eyecatchers create a special atmosphere and have the added advantage of absorbing sound.


We come along and make a design and quotation based on your wishes. A project without worries because we do everything. From design to furnishing.

Please contact us for more information or an appointment.

Benefits of artificial plants

Natural plants often need a lot of light and care to thrive. Not every room is eligible for this, and then artificial plants form a full-fledged aesthetic alternative to any real species.
Moreover, the quality of artificial plants has grown so much in recent years that they are almost no longer distinguishable from natural green.